OxyDisk crypto

    OxyDisk crypto is the memory key that allows you to keep with you your sensitive data securely protected with 256-bit AES hardware encryption.

    High speed, ease of use, high security and robustness: the secret disk ideal for protecting valuable and confidential files.


    OxyDisk crypto is available in different memori size: 8 GBytes, 16 GBytes and 32 GBytes.

    Each device is configured to export two discs.

    The first is takes up very few space and contains the application that allow you to access the secret disk.

    The second disc is the secret encrypted disk made available by the operating system only after entering the password.

Extreme security

    All data on the secret disk is encrypted and no one will be able to access it unless those who know the password to unlock.

    The encryption algorithm used is AES with 256 bits key and is used in CBC mode: all executed in hardware. This ensures that the encryption keys never leaves the device and no one will ever steal them.

    Brute force attack against the password is prevented by OxySec advanced login process.