User manual


    This manual explains how to use the OxyDiskLogin.exe application.

    This program allows you to enter and/or change the password for the secret encrypted disk. This disk will be accessible only after the user has successfully provided the correct password..

The OxyDisk device

    OxyDisk is a storage device that allows you to save your data in a secure way using AES encryption with 256-bit keys

    When you plug the OxyDisk device into a USB port, the operating system detects two logical drives (two disks):

  • the first disk has a size of few tens of megabytes; it contains the application OxyDiskLogin.exe for the management of the second disk;
  • the second disc is encrypted: in this disk the user can save his data.

    To access to the secret disk the user must start the application OxyDiskLogin.exe and enter the password that unlocks the decryption process of the second disk.

Using the OxyDiskLogin.exe application

    When the application starts you will see the following window:

    If the program detect the presence of a secret encrypted disk, the icon beside the text "Password" is red:

    You can now type your password and click the "OK" button. If the password is correct, the operating system will recognize the disk (decrypted automatically by the OxyDisk device) and the icon turns into green.

    At this point the user can access the secret disk as a normal removable disk.

    NOTE - The device incorporates a special feature that allows you to prevent the brute force attacks, or attacks in which a program try to break the password by sending to the device a password list (dictionary). This feature implies that every time the user password is wrong the device delays the subsequent verification of the password of a growing time. Replugging the device, however, restores the initial status with a shorter delay that a human user doesn't perceive.

Change the password

    The OxyDiskLogin.exe application allows the user to change the password to access the secret disk.

    By clicking the "Change Password" a window will appear.

    In "Current Read/Write password"  you must type the current password used to unlock the secret disk. In the "New Password" you must type the new password that must be repeated also in the "Confirm new password"  field.

    NOTE - The password has no length limit and can contain any unicode character.

    By clicking the "Apply" button will appear in the confirmation window:

    Finally, click on the "OK" button to close the message window.